With bizarre lunar landscapes, the mighty Atlantic Ocean, caves and crystal clear waterways, Ireland’s diverse landscapes will take your breath away.

The coastal beauty is the stuff of legends, with shorelines trimmed by golden sands and rocky outcrops. Inland, the lakelands and rural idylls are equally as varied as they are tranquil.

Ireland’s history dates back as far as 6000 BC – from invasions by Neolithic tribes and St. Patrick spreading Christianity to the great diaspora ensuring Ireland’s heritage has spread across the globe.

Steeped within a literary culture, the Irish have a real passion for music, dance and, of course, conversation – if there’s more than two people in a room, then there’s more than enough to have a party in Ireland!

As well as being hip, vibrant and cosmopolitan, Ireland’s 11 urban hubs are perfectly formed – not too big to be overwhelming, and not too small. From Belfast and Dublin, to Waterford and Limerick, every city in Ireland packs a punch with its own unique cultural flavour.